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Why Is Mewing So Hard: 10 Tips To Make Mewing Easier

March 30th, 2024


Have you ever wondered why is mewing so hard? Achieving the perfect mewing technique can be challenging, but understanding the reasons behind it can help you stay motivated. In this blog, we will discuss the difficulties and challenges associated with mewing and provide valuable tips to help you improve your mewing technique. Whether it's the lack of mewing tools or the complexity of the process, we've got you covered. Stay with us to learn more about the art of mewing.

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What is Mewing and What Does It Do?

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Mewing involves placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth to promote better facial structure and overall health. This positioning is crucial because the tongue is a powerful muscle that can influence the shape of the palate. 

Mastering the Correct Mewing Technique

To be effective, mewing needs to be performed correctly. The tongue should be on the roof of the mouth at all times, even during sleep. This can be challenging since most people are accustomed to breathing through their mouths rather than their noses. 

Consistent Effort Required for Results

Mewing is not a quick fix; it requires consistent effort to see results. It can take months or even years to notice significant changes in facial structure. 

Overcoming Obstacles to Successful Mewing

Successful mewing requires strong willpower. It is not easy to break long-standing habits, and the body may resist changes to its natural resting positions. 

Addressing the Difficulty of Mewing at Different Ages

The difficulty of mewing can vary depending on the individual's age. Younger people may find it easier to form new habits compared to older individuals. 

The Influence of Genetics on the Effectiveness of Mewing

Genetics can also play a role in the effectiveness of mewing. Some people may see dramatic changes in their facial structure, while others may experience minimal results. 

The Importance of Patience in Mewing

Patience is key when practicing mewing. It is essential to remain consistent and patient to see the desired changes in facial structure and overall health. 

Challenges with Mewing While Sleeping

It can be particularly challenging to maintain the correct tongue position while sleeping. Using mouth tape or other aids may help ensure that the tongue stays in the right place during the night. 

Persisting with Mewing for Long-Term Benefits

Despite the challenges, mewing offers numerous long-term benefits for both the facial structure and overall health. It is essential to remain persistent and consistent in practicing mewing to reap these rewards.

Is Mewing Supposed To Be Tiring?

When you first start mewing, you might find it tiring. This is because your tongue isn’t used to staying up. It can take a few days to get used to mewing and stop feeling tired. The pressure you feel on your jaws, the middle of your face, and your chin can be a sign that you’re doing it correctly.

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How Long Does It Take To Adapt To Mewing

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Adapting to mewing can be challenging for many individuals, as it requires retraining your tongue and facial muscles to adopt a new resting posture. This process can take time, but with persistence and consistency, it is possible to overcome the initial discomfort. 

Factors Affecting Adaptation

The time it takes to adapt to mewing can vary depending on several factors, such as age, the severity of dental and facial misalignment, and consistency in practicing the technique. If you are starting from scratch, it may take several weeks to months to develop proper tongue posture and oral posture habits. 

Consistency is Key

Consistency is vital when it comes to adapting to mewing. Practicing regularly and making a conscious effort to maintain proper tongue posture throughout the day can help speed up the adaptation process.That developing new habits takes time, so be patient with yourself as you work towards improving your oral posture.

Why Is Mewing So Hard: 10 Tips To Make Mewing Easier

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1. Correct Tongue Posture

Proper tongue posture is essential for successful mewing. The correct posture involves resting your entire tongue on the roof of your mouth, with the tip of your tongue lightly pressing against the incisive papilla (the bump behind your front teeth). Avoid pressing too hard, as this can cause tension and discomfort.

2. Stay Consistent

As with any new habit or exercise, consistency is key. Make mewing a part of your daily routine, aiming for several minutes each day. Over time, the correct tongue posture will become more natural for you.

3. Start Slowly As A Beginner

If you’re new to mewing, it's important to start slowly. Begin with short mewing sessions and gradually increase the duration over time. This will allow your muscles to adapt without causing strain.

4. Try Tongue Chewing

Tongue chewing is a technique where you chew gum while mewing. This helps to increase the flexibility of your tongue, making it easier to adapt to the new posture. Incorporate tongue chewing into your mewing practice to enhance your progress.

5. Relax Jaw Muscle

Keeping your jaw muscles relaxed while practicing mewing is crucial. Tension in the jaw can make it more challenging to maintain the proper tongue posture. Focus on relaxing your jaw muscles to improve your mewing practice.

6. Stay Hydrated

Adequate hydration is essential for maintaining healthy mucous membranes in your mouth and throat. This can facilitate proper tongue posture and make mewing more comfortable. To stay hydrated throughout the day to support your mewing efforts.

7. Be Patient

Achieving changes in facial structure through mewing takes time. Be patient with yourself and your progress. Consistency is key, and over time you may notice improvements in your facial appearance and breathing as a result of your mewing practice.

8. Practice Proper Breathing

While mewing, focus on breathing through your nose. This can improve nasal breathing and overall respiratory function. Incorporating proper breathing techniques into your mewing practice will enhance your results.

9. Try A Mewing Ring

Using a mewing ring can help you maintain the correct tongue posture during mewing practice. This tool forces your tongue to stay in the right position, helping you become habitual of mewing quicker. Consider incorporating a mewing ring into your practice for added support.

10. Watch a Few Tutorials

Watching tutorials for correct mewing techniques on YouTube can be a helpful way to learn faster and avoid potential mistakes. By observing demonstrations of proper mewing techniques, you can enhance your practice and ensure you are on the right track toward successful mewing.

Can Hard Mewing Be Bad

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When it comes to mewing, it is crucial to adopt a balanced approach. While some individuals might advocate for hard mewing, which involves applying additional force and techniques to the regular mewing exercises, there are risks associated with this method. Hard mewing, when performed incorrectly, can lead to a range of issues that can negatively impact your overall health and appearance. Here are some concerns associated with hard mewing:

TMJ Pain

One of the most prevalent concerns associated with hard mewing is the risk of experiencing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. This condition can cause discomfort, difficulty chewing, and even severe headaches. Applying excessive force during mewing exercises can strain the muscles around the jaw joint, leading to TMJ-related issues. It is vital to approach mewing with care to avoid putting unnecessary stress on the TMJ.

Bad Oral Posture

Hard mewing can also result in bad oral posture, which can impact the way your teeth align and function. Incorrect tongue posture and excessive force can lead to misalignment issues, affecting your bite and overall oral health. By practicing soft mewing techniques and focusing on proper tongue posture, you can avoid the negative consequences of bad oral posture.

Crooked Teeth

Another risk associated with hard mewing is the development of crooked teeth. The additional force applied during hard mewing exercises can push the teeth out of alignment, causing them to become crooked or misaligned. This can lead to aesthetic concerns and impact your overall dental health. By adopting a gentler approach to mewing, you can help prevent the development of crooked teeth.

Facial Asymmetry

Hard mewing can also contribute to facial asymmetry, where one side of the face appears different from the other. This condition can arise due to imbalanced muscle development and excessive force applied during mewing exercises. To maintain facial symmetry and prevent asymmetry issues, it is essential to practice mewing techniques correctly and avoid overexerting your facial muscles.

Unnatural Neck, Head, and Chin Sizing

Hard mewing can result in unnatural sizing of the neck, head, and chin. Applying excessive force during mewing exercises can lead to muscle hypertrophy in these areas, causing them to appear oversized or disproportionate. To maintain a natural and balanced appearance, it is crucial to practice mewing in moderation and avoid pushing your muscles beyond their limits.

Hard mewing, while it may seem like a quick solution to achieve desired results, can pose risks that outweigh the benefits. By focusing on proper tongue posture and gentle mewing techniques, you can avoid the potential pitfalls associated with hard mewing and achieve lasting improvements in your oral posture and facial aesthetics.

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