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Complete Mewing Tongue Posture Guide (2024)

March 14th, 2024


Unlock the secrets of proper tongue posture with the revolutionary technique known as mewing tongue posture. By understanding how to position your tongue correctly in the mouth, you can potentially enhance facial structure, improve breathing, and even aid in overall well-being. Dive into this blog to discover the power of mewing tongue posture, explore effective mewing tools, and learn how this simple adjustment could make a significant difference in your life.

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What is Mewing?

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Mewing tongue posture refers to the practice of placing the tongue in the correct position against the roof of the mouth to influence facial structure positively. The technique gained popularity through the work of Dr. Mike Mew, a prominent British orthodontist who introduced and popularized the concept through various online platforms. Dr. Mew's approach aims to enhance facial aesthetics and health by impacting the structural positioning of facial bones, particularly the maxilla.

The Physiological Basis of Mewing Tongue Posture

The physiological basis of mewing tongue posture lies in the effect it has on the maxilla bone and overall facial appearance. By ensuring that the tongue rests against the roof of the mouth, pressure is exerted upward, potentially leading to subtle changes in the positioning of the maxilla over time. This, in turn, can influence the alignment of facial features and promote a more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing facial structure.

Promoting Proper Tongue Posture with Mewing

To practice proper tongue posture with mewing, the key is to ensure that the entire surface of the tongue makes full contact with the roof of the mouth. This means that the entire dorsal surface of the tongue, including the back and sides, should press firmly against the palate while the lips are sealed and teeth lightly touching. By maintaining this posture consistently, individuals may gradually see benefits in terms of facial aesthetics and potential improvements in oral and overall health.

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What Is Correct Mewing Tongue Posture?

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The natural position of the tongue when not performing activities like speaking or eating involves having the tip of the tongue flat and positioned on the roof of the mouth just behind the front incisors. This posture ensures that the tongue avoids contact with the teeth, supporting proper oral and overall health.

Challenges in Maintaining Correct Posture

Despite the apparent simplicity of correct mewing tongue posture, many individuals find it difficult to maintain this specific tongue position consistently. Transitioning the tongue from its natural resting place at the bottom of the mouth to the roof requires practice and perseverance.

Importance of Proper Tongue Placement

Proper tongue placement is crucial for preventing numerous potential health issues. Regular mewing, which involves habitually returning the tongue to the correct posture, is essential for reaping the desired health and aesthetic benefits over time.

Continuous Practice and Adjustment

Achieving and maintaining correct mewing posture necessitates ongoing practice and adjustment. People may encounter varying challenges and results during their mewing journey, emphasizing the importance of persistence in honing this beneficial habit.

Addressing Improper Tongue Placements

Learning and adopting the correct mewing posture involves recognizing and rectifying any improper tongue placements. Continuous practice is necessary to retrain the body to naturally maintain the optimal tongue position for overall well-being.

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Why Is Correct Mewing Tongue Posture Important?

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Proper tongue posture is crucial for the development of the upper jaw. By positioning the tongue against the roof of the mouth, the pressure exerted can help widen the upper jaw, providing ample space for teeth alignment. 

This widening prevents the narrowing of the dental arch, decreasing the chances of overcrowded or crooked teeth. Though immediate changes may not be visibly noticeable, consistent practice of mewing tongue posture can lead to long-term benefits for oral health and aesthetics.

The Powerful Influence of the Tongue on Oral Structure and Health

The tongue, being the strongest muscle in the mouth, plays a significant role in shaping oral structure and maintaining oral health. Correct tongue posture can help prevent various oral issues such as malocclusion and periodontal disease

By training the tongue to rest against the roof of the mouth, the upper jaw can widen appropriately, promoting healthy teeth alignment and reducing the risk of future dental and orthodontic problems.

The Importance of Regular Practice for Lasting Benefits

Regular practice of mewing tongue posture not only strengthens the tongue but also other orofacial muscles. This consistent practice will promote lasting changes in posture, making correct tongue positioning more automatic over time. Through targeted exercises designed to retrain muscle memory, individuals can experience the full benefits of proper tongue posture, both in terms of oral health and aesthetic improvements.

4 Causes of Incorrect Tongue Posture

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1. Thumb Sucking and Pacifier Use: Impact on Tongue Posture

Prolonged thumb sucking and pacifier use can significantly affect the alignment of permanent teeth and alter the shape of the jaw and roof of the mouth. These habits lead to bite problems like open bites and overbites, impacting speech due to tooth and jaw positioning. Discouraging these habits early can minimize their impact on dental and facial development.

2. Soft Foods and Jaw Muscle Development: Influence on Tongue Posture

A diet mainly of soft foods reduces the need for extensive chewing, leading to underdeveloped jaw muscles. This can prevent the jaw from maintaining its correct position, indirectly affecting tongue posture. Including varied food textures, especially for children, promotes proper jaw muscle development, contributing to healthier oral posture.

3. Chronic Nasal Obstruction: Relationship with Tongue Posture

Conditions like allergies, enlarged adenoids, or deviated nasal septums can obstruct nasal passages, leading to mouth breathing and disrupting the natural tongue position. Prolonged mouth breathing can cement incorrect tongue posture, affecting oral and overall health. Addressing nasal obstruction causes can revert breathing to the nose and correct tongue posture.

4. Bad Habits and Learned Behaviors: Impact on Tongue Posture

Incorrect tongue posture can result from learned habits not corrected in childhood, persisting into adulthood and affecting oral health, speech, and facial aesthetics. The tongue's resting position is crucial for dental arch shape and teeth position. Retraining the tongue through exercises and possibly orthodontic treatment can encourage correct posture, with professionals like speech therapists and orthodontists offering strategies and exercises for this purpose.

5 Easy Steps to Correct Tongue Posture

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Step 1: Seal Your Lips and Gently Touch Your Teeth

Begin by closing your mouth fully, ensuring that your lips are sealed and your teeth gently touch. This foundational step sets the stage for correct tongue posture.

Step 2: Position Your Tongue on the Roof of Your Mouth

Move your tongue to the roof of your mouth, applying a light but firm pressure. This action should not be forceful but enough to feel a slight pressure spread throughout the palate.

Step 3: Engage the Posterior Third of Your Tongue

Focus on engaging the posterior third of your tongue (the back part). This step is crucial for supporting the entire palate and contributing to facial alignment.

Step 4: Maintain a Clear Airway for Nasal Breathing

Ensure that while maintaining tongue posture, your airway is clear, allowing you to breathe comfortably through your nose. Proper nasal breathing is essential for correct tongue posture.

Step 5: Check the Position of Your Tongue and Teeth

Confirm that the tip of your tongue is slightly behind your front teeth and not touching them. Ensure that the pressure from your tongue is evenly distributed across the roof of your mouth. Maintain a relaxed but correct jaw alignment with lightly touching teeth.

Mastering Mewing Tongue Posture can lead to facial alignment benefits and potential aesthetic improvements. Be patient and consistent in practicing these steps to achieve the desired results.

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7 Benefits of Correct Tongue Posture

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1. Improved Oral Development

Proper tongue posture promotes natural growth and development of the mouth and jaw, resulting in a more aligned dental arch and reduced chances of overcrowded or misaligned teeth.

2. Maintaining Straight Teeth Alignment

By keeping the tongue against the roof of the mouth, it helps retain the natural alignment of teeth, preventing them from drifting or becoming misaligned, acting as a natural retainer.

3. Prevention of Teeth Grinding

Correct tongue posture can reduce or prevent teeth grinding (bruxism) by keeping the jaw and facial muscles relaxed, minimizing tension and the urge to grind teeth, especially during sleep.

4. Prevention of Tongue Flopping Backwards

Proper tongue position prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat, keeping the airway open and reducing the risk of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

5. Prevention of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Maintaining an open airway through correct tongue posture decreases the likelihood of snoring and sleep apnea, improving sleep quality and reducing associated health risks.

6. Prevention of Mouth Breathing

Encouraging nasal breathing over mouth breathing helps filter and humidify the air, enhancing oxygen absorption and reducing risks like dry mouth, bad breath, and dental issues.

7. Improved Support for Cheekbones and Jaw

Proper tongue posture supports facial structure, helping maintain a youthful appearance by preventing facial muscle and skin sagging, contributing to a defined jawline and prominent cheekbones as you age.

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Become A Chad and Become More Attractive With LooksMax AI

The concept of mewing tongue posture has gained significant traction in the realm of facial aesthetics. By positioning the tongue correctly against the roof of the mouth, individuals can potentially enhance their facial structure and overall attractiveness. Here is a breakdown of how Mewing Tongue Posture can contribute to your journey of self-improvement with LooksMax AI.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Mewing Tongue Posture

Mewing Tongue Posture involves maintaining proper tongue posture to encourage proper craniofacial development. By resting the tongue on the roof of the mouth, individuals can promote forward growth of the maxilla, leading to potential improvements in jawline definition, facial symmetry, and overall attractiveness.

Maximizing Your LooksMax Rating through Mewing Tongue Posture

By incorporating Mewing Tongue Posture into your daily routine, you can potentially enhance key facial features evaluated by LooksMax AI, such as jawline prominence, facial symmetry, and overall masculinity. Consistent practice of proper tongue posture may contribute to a higher LooksMax rating, indicating a more attractive appearance.

Elevating Your Attractiveness with Mewing Tongue Posture Tips

To optimize the benefits of mewing tongue posture, consider incorporating additional tips and techniques into your routine. For instance, focusing on proper oral posture throughout the day, practicing swallowing correctly, and engaging in facial exercises can complement the effects of mewing tongue posture and further enhance your facial aesthetics.

Embark on Your Journey Towards Facial Transformation with Mewing Tongue Posture

Integrating mewing tongue posture into your regimen can serve as a powerful tool for enhancing your overall attractiveness. By aligning your tongue posture with your goals for facial transformation, you can unlock the potential to achieve a more symmetrical, defined, and appealing facial appearance.