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What Is Mewing & 8 Benefits of Mewing

March 10th, 2024


Discovering the ins and outs of what is mewing can revolutionize your facial structure and overall health. By delving into the principles of this technique and exploring the array of mewing tools available, you can unlock a world of potential benefits for your jawline, breathing, and posture. Dive into this transformative method to enhance your well-being and appearance today!

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What Is Mewing?

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Mewing, as defined by the American Association of Orthodontists, involves the practice of flattening the tongue against the roof of the mouth to potentially redefine the jawline. Originating from the studies of British orthodontist John Mew, mewing focuses on altering jawline shape through correct tongue placement. While gaining popularity on social media as a non-surgical method for enhancing facial aesthetics, the AAO cautions that there is no scientific evidence supporting its efficacy in reshaping the jawline. 

Despite claims that mewing may help with conditions like sleep apnea and sinusitis, the lack of substantial scientific backing raises doubts about its effectiveness. Orthotropics, the field that mewing falls under, primarily targets children with developing jaws and aims to improve jaw posture and tongue positioning for overall oral health. Notably, John Mew faced criticism and had his medical license revoked, with skepticism surrounding the proven results of his method.

Deciphering the Enigma of Hard Mewing: Tongue Pressure Amplified

Hard mewing, a more intense form of the standard mewing technique, involves applying forceful pressure with the tongue against the palate. This variation of mewing lacks scientific studies confirming its effectiveness or safety, highlighting the need for caution when exploring different mewing practices.

Unlocking the World of Looksmaxxing: Teen Trends and Facial Enhancements

Looksmaxxing, a trend prevalent among teenagers today, focuses on enhancing physical attractiveness through facial feature development and muscular improvements. Teenagers, particularly boys, are embracing mewing as part of the looksmaxxing movement to augment their facial aesthetics. 

Looksmaxxing is divided into two categories: 

  • Softmaxxing which includes non-invasive enhancements like mewing

  • Hardmaxxing which involves more drastic measures such as cosmetic surgery. 

The New York Times reports the increasing popularity of looksmaxxing among teens, shedding light on the evolving trends of self-improvement and appearance enhancement in youth culture.

Maximize Your Appeal

LooksMax AI helps you to become more attractive. All you have to do is take a selfie, and LooksMax analyzes your masculinity, jawline, eyes, hair, skin, and other features. We rate you out of 10 based on this. The next steps are to learn how to look better. Looksmax provides tips to help you become more attractive. 

Here are some example tips for hair health improvement: 

  • Use shampoo 2x a week

  • Avoid paraben and sulfate conditioners

  • Incorporate scalp massages into your routine

With these tips, you can become your most attractive self.

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How to Mew

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Close Your Mouth to Begin the Journey

Initiate your mewing practice by closing your mouth gently. This simple act sets the stage for the correct tongue placement and ensures a controlled environment for the process.

Position Your Teeth for Optimal Alignment

Place your bottom front teeth lightly behind your upper front teeth or as close as comfort allows. This alignment helps in supporting the correct posture for mewing and provides a solid foundation for the tongue placement.

Seal Your Lips for Proper Breathing

Maintain firm lip closure throughout the mewing practice, emphasizing the importance of nasal breathing. This step is crucial for ensuring proper airflow and maximizing the benefits of the technique.

Flatten Your Tongue Against the Roof of Your Mouth

Press your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth to engage the jaw muscles effectively. This action indicates that you are correctly positioning your tongue for mewing and helps in strengthening the muscles over time.

Tip Placement: Find the Sweet Spot

Position the tip of your tongue just behind your upper front teeth, akin to the position used for producing the "n" sound. Ensure that the tip does not touch the teeth directly, maintaining the indicated distance for optimal results.

Duration: Practice Makes Perfect

Hold the mewing posture for at least 20 seconds initially, gradually increasing the duration as you progress. Repetition is key – aim to practice mewing multiple times throughout the day to reinforce the correct tongue placement.

Consistency Leads to Habit: Embrace the Mewing Lifestyle

With dedication and consistency, aim to make the proper tongue posture your default setting. Through regular practice, you can train your muscles to naturally maintain the mewing position, reaping the long-term benefits of improved oral posture.

Embark on Your Mewing Journey

Begin your mewing practice today with these step-by-step guidelines, emphasizing correct tongue placement, consistent practice, and the integration of mewing into your daily routine. With perseverance and commitment, you can harness the transformative power of mewing for enhanced oral health and overall well-being.

8 Most Powerful Benefits of Mewing

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1. Enhanced Facial Appearance

Strengthening facial muscle tone through mewing can lead to a more defined jawline and improved symmetry between the nose and chin. This natural method offers a non-invasive way to enhance your facial features and achieve a more balanced aesthetic.

2. Aligned Teeth

Mewing is believed to expand the jawline, creating additional space for the natural alignment of teeth. By promoting proper tongue posture and oral muscle engagement, this technique may help in achieving a straighter smile without the need for orthodontic treatments.

3. Reduced Mouth Breathing

By encouraging nasal breathing and maintaining closed lips, mewing can potentially reduce the habit of mouth breathing. This shift to nasal breathing not only enhances oxygen intake but also has the added benefit of promoting better oral health and overall well-being.

4. Sleep Apnea Resolution

One of the purported benefits of mewing is its potential to open up the upper airways, which can aid in resolving issues related to sleep apnea and reduce snoring. By improving tongue posture and muscle tone, this technique may contribute to better sleep quality and respiratory function.

5. Resolved Swallowing Problems

Mewing activates the muscles involved in swallowing, ensuring proper tongue function and aiding in the swallowing process. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with swallowing difficulties, as it helps strengthen the necessary muscles and promotes better oral coordination.

6. Speech Disorder Treatment

Improving the coordination between the tongue and other oral muscles through mewing may have positive effects on treating speech disorders. By training the muscles involved in speech production, this technique holds promise in enhancing articulation and clarity of speech.

7. Alleviated Jaw Pain

Mewing is said to strengthen and reshape the jaw over time, potentially alleviating jaw pain and dysfunction. By promoting proper tongue posture and muscle engagement, this method aims to address underlying issues that contribute to jaw discomfort and improve overall jaw health.

8. Sinusitis Treatment

Through opening airways and promoting sinus drainage, mewing is believed to have benefits for individuals suffering from sinusitis. By optimizing nasal breathing and facial muscle tone, this technique may help alleviate symptoms associated with sinus inflammation and promote sinus health.

Does Mewing Work?

The scientific community's standpoint on mewing is characterized by a lack of substantial research or conclusive evidence. Dental professionals and organizations like the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) express skepticism regarding the claims associated with mewing. 

Without robust scientific studies to back up the purported benefits, mewing remains a controversial practice. While some individuals may report positive outcomes, the overall consensus is that more research is needed to validate the efficacy of mewing.

The Origins of Mewing and Tongue Repositioning

Mewing involves a technique that entails repositioning the tongue to potentially influence facial features, particularly the jawline. Although often attributed to Dr. Mew, it is essential to note that he did not invent these tongue positioning exercises. 

Advocates of mewing suggest that it can help alleviate jaw pain, reduce snoring, and enhance jawline definition, possibly impacting overall facial aesthetics. The practice has gained popularity through various online platforms, where individuals share their experiences and results with mewing exercises.

Anecdotal Reports and Varied Outcomes of Mewing

Numerous anecdotal reports on mewing highlight a range of outcomes, with some individuals claiming visible improvements after a few weeks to 3-6 months of consistent practice. Proponents of mewing argue that improper tongue posture, rather than mewing itself, could potentially worsen the appearance of the jawline. Conflicting viewpoints exist, with some debunking the effectiveness of mewing based on personal experiences and observations.

Mewing for Children and Concerns about DIY Solutions

Some proponents believe that mewing could potentially address tongue posture issues in children, potentially leading to corrections of irregular bites and speech problems. While there is speculation about the benefits of mewing for certain orthodontic issues, there is also concern that individuals may opt for mewing as a do-it-yourself solution instead of seeking professional orthodontic or surgical interventions when necessary. This raises questions about the appropriateness of mewing as a standalone treatment for complex dental problems.

By addressing the current scientific perspective on mewing, the origins of the practice, varied outcomes reported by individuals, and potential implications for children and orthodontic treatments, a more comprehensive understanding of this trending phenomenon emerges.

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Alternatives to Mewing

Orthodontic Evaluation for jawline correction - What Is Mewing

Orthodontic Evaluation

If you're dealing with issues like misaligned jaws or malocclusion, seeking an orthodontic evaluation is crucial. An orthodontist can assess your jaw shape and address any pain or discomfort caused by misalignment. 

Corrective Jaw Surgery

In cases of severe misalignments, corrective jaw surgery may be recommended. This surgical procedure aims to realign the upper and lower jaws to correct significant misalignment issues effectively.

Tooth Repair

Tooth reshaping or capping can help address irregular teeth and prevent or alleviate overcrowding problems in the mouth. This can contribute to better alignment and overall oral health.


Braces are a common orthodontic treatment that involves the application of metal bands and bonds to the teeth. Over time, braces can gradually correct alignment issues, including overcrowding, for a straighter smile.

Tooth Removal

In some cases, tooth extraction may be necessary to alleviate overcrowding and improve alignment. Removing teeth strategically can create more space in the mouth and contribute to better overall alignment.

Cosmetic Surgery

For those seeking aesthetic facial changes, cosmetic surgery is an option. It's important to note that cosmetic surgery can be costly and carries associated risks, so careful consideration is essential before pursuing this option.

Facial Contouring Surgery

Procedures such as chin, cheek, and jawline modifications fall under facial contouring surgery. These interventions can involve fat removal or implant addition to enhance facial symmetry and contour.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, which are gel injections, can be used around the jaw area to enhance or balance jawline symmetry. This non-invasive option can provide temporary improvements in facial contour.

Radiofrequency Therapy

Radiofrequency therapy is a treatment that involves deep skin heating to stimulate collagen production and reduce fat in the face. This can contribute to improved facial contour and symmetry, particularly in the jaw area.

Become A Chad and Become More Attractive With LooksMax AI

LooksMax AI is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your attractiveness by providing personalized feedback on various facial features. By simply uploading a selfie, LooksMax analyzes key aspects such as masculinity, jawline definition, eye attractiveness, hair quality, and skin condition to give you a rating out of 10. This rating serves as a benchmark to compare yourself with friends and track your progress over time.

Hair Health Improvement Tips

Hair health plays a significant role in overall attractiveness, and LooksMax offers tailored tips to help you achieve optimal hair quality. From using shampoo twice a week to avoiding paraben and sulfate-laden conditioners, these tips aim to enhance your hair's thickness, shine, and manageability. Incorporating scalp massages into your routine can promote blood circulation and stimulate hair growth, contributing to a healthier and more attractive appearance.

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