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70 Trendiest Types Of Mullets To Try For Men

April 28th, 2024

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Intrigued by the resurgence of retro hairstyles like the mullet? We've got you covered! our blog on types of mullets explores the diverse options available, from business in the front to party in the back. Whether you're curious about a choppy shag, a medium-length style, or the low fade, we've got the scoop. Keep reading for all the details on this iconic and nostalgic cut!

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What Is A Mullet Hairstyle For Men?

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The mullet is a distinctive hairstyle that features short hair on the top and sides, combined with longer hair at the back. This style emerged in the 1980s and has gone through various evolutions since then. The mullet haircut is recognized by the contrast in hair lengths between the top and sides versus the back. This look has been both highly praised and criticized for its unique appearance and has seen a resurgence in recent years.

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70 Trendiest Types Of Mullets To Try For Men

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1. The Classic Mullet

2. The Modern Mullet

3. The Faux Hawk Mullet

4. The Shag Mullet

5. The Business in the Front, Party in the Back Mullet

6. The Perm Mullet

7. The Curly Mullet

8. The Wavy Mullet

9. The Straight Mullet

10. The Layered Mullet

11. The Choppy Mullet

12. The Textured Mullet

13. The Spiky Mullet

14. The Slicked-Back Mullet

15. The Side-Swept Mullet

16. The Tapered Mullet

17. The Undercut Mullet

18. The Mohawk Mullet

19. The High-Top Fade Mullet

20. The Drop Fade Mullet

21. The Fade Mullet

22. The Skin Fade Mullet

23. The Low Fade Mullet

24. The Mid Fade Mullet

25. The Temple Fade Mullet

26. The Burst Fade Mullet

27. The Afro Mullet

28. The Dreadlock Mullet

29. The Braided Mullet

30. The Twisted Mullet

31. The Buzz Cut Mullet

32. The Flattop Mullet

33. The Box Fade Mullet

34. The Textured Crop Mullet

35. The French Crop Mullet

36. The Caesar Mullet

37. The Ivy League Mullet

38. The Crew Cut Mullet

39. The Brush Cut Mullet

40. The Butch Cut Mullet

41. The Comb Over Mullet

42. The Slick Back Mullet

43. The Pompadour Mullet

44. The Quiff Mullet

45. The Undercut Mullet

46. The Side Part Mullet

47. The Layered Mullet

48. The Frosted Mullet

49. The Blonde Mullet

50. The Black Mullet

51. The Red Mullet

52. The Brown Mullet

53. The Brunette Mullet

54. The Gray Mullet

55. The Silver Mullet

56. The Platinum Mullet

57. The Ash Mullet

58. The Dirty Blonde Mullet

59. The Ombre Mullet

60. The Highlights Mullet

61. The Lowlights Mullet

62. The Balayage Mullet

63. The Rainbow Mullet

64. The Neon Mullet

65. The Punk Mullet

66. The Rockstar Mullet

67. The Hipster Mullet

68. The Skater Mullet

69. The Surfer Mullet

70. The Rebel Mullet

Are Mullets In Style For Boys?

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The mullet haircut has made a remarkable comeback in 2024, capturing the attention of fashion-forward people looking for a bold and unique statement. This classic hairstyle features a voluminous, layered top that invites experimentation with various styling products. The slightly longer back of the mullet adds a classic and modern touch, making it a timeless and daring fashion statement still turning heads today. 

With its modern twist, the mullet offers a perfect balance of retro nostalgia and contemporary style. The mullet is definitely a trend to watch as we step into the New Year, offering a bold and distinctive option for those looking to make a fashion statement with their hairstyle.

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How To Grow A Mullet Fast

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To grow a mullet, it’s crucial to understand its unique anatomy. A classic mullet style features shorter hair at the front and sides with length left at the back.

Start with an Even Length

Before diving into the mullet-growing process, ensure your hair reaches a uniform length of about 2-3 inches. This initial length will help create a balanced mullet in the long run.

Trim the Front and Sides

While your hair is growing, you must regularly trim the front and sides, leaving the back untouched. Use scissors for a more natural finish or clippers for a sharper look.

Choose Your Mullet Style

Modern mullets come in various styles, from subtle ‘short mullets’ to dramatic ‘tail mullets.’ Decide early on the look you're going for, as it will guide your trimming and styling decisions.

Maintain Your Mullet

Regular maintenance is essential for a mullet to look its best. Visit a professional barber regularly to keep the front and sides in check, while ensuring the back remains neat and free from split ends.

Style Your Mullet

Depending on your desired look, you can add volume or texture to your mullet. For a textured look, a light pomade or hair wax will do the trick. For a slicked-back style, consider using hair gel or mousse for shine and hold.

Embrace the Look

A mullet isn’t just a hairstyle – it’s a statement. Confidence is key to rocking such a distinctive look. Own your mullet with pride, and let your personality shine through!

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