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45 Hottest Fauxhawk Hairstyles For Men

April 23rd, 2024

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The Fauxhawk haircut is a trendy hairstyle that captures the attention, commanding both respect and adoration. It's a style that transcends trendiness and taps into the timeless. The low fade on the sides accentuates the boldness and sophistication of the Fauxhawk. A versatile look that can be styled in various ways, the Fauxhawk allows you to experiment with your look and express your personality through your hairstyle. Whether it's for a casual event or a formal gathering, the Fauxhawk is a stylish choice that can elevate your overall appearance.

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What Is A Fauxhawk?

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The fauxhawk is a stylish and edgy haircut that resembles a Mohawk with a modern twist. The fauxhawk features a strip of upward-facing hair at the top, paired with shorter sides. Typically, a men’s faux hawk haircut involves leaving more extended hair on the top and keeping the sides shorter. This style creates a contrast between the top and sides using texture and blending. 

To achieve the desired texture, various techniques can be employed, depending on the hair type and the faux hawk haircut style. The blending or layering aspect of the haircut is key in determining the distinction between the faux hawk and the adjacent fade or side cut.

What Face Shape Is Best For Fauxhawk

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The Faux Hawk has always been a trendy hairstyle for men, and for good reason. Not only does it offer a modern, edgy look, but it also works well with different face shapes. If you have a round face shape, you are in luck — this bold style is particularly flattering for you. The textured volume on top provides angular length, while short, faded sides help in elongating the face. Pair a Faux Hawk with a round face shape and you will achieve a balanced, stylish look that will turn heads wherever you go.

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45 Hottest Fauxhawk Hairstyles For Men

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1. Side Fauxhawk with Fade

2. Disconnected Fauxhawk with Hair Design

3. Curly Fauxhawk

4. High Fade with Fauxhawk

5. Skin Faded Fauxhawk

6. Textured Fauxhawk

7. Pointed Fauxhawk

8. Spiky Platinum Fauxhawk

9. Undercut Fauxhawk

10. Fauxhawk with Side Design

11. High Fade with Short Fauxhawk

12. Short Fauxhawk with Temple Fade

13. Long Fauxhawk

14. Buzz Cut with Fauxhawk

15. Layered Fauxhawk with Disconnected Beard

16. Mid Fade with Textured Fauxhawk

17. Fauxhawk with Highlights

18. Slicked Back Fauxhawk

19. Quiff Fauxhawk

20. Wavy Fauxhawk

21. Taper Fade with Fauxhawk

22. High and Tight Fauxhawk

23. Mohawk-Inspired Fauxhawk

24. Short Textured Fauxhawk

25. Fauxhawk Undercut with Design

26. Tousled Fauxhawk

27. Fauxhawk with Hard Part

28. Mohawk Fauxhawk

29. Messy Fauxhawk

30. Classic Fauxhawk

31. Taper Fade with Long Fauxhawk

32. Fohawk with Beard

33. Afro Fauxhawk

34. Fauxhawk Pompadour

35. Short Curly Fauxhawk

36. Tapered Fauxhawk

37.  Bald Fade with Fauxhawk

38. Long Wavy Fauxhawk

39. Slick Fauxhawk

40. Fauxhawk with Shaved Sides

41. Taper Fade with Spiky Fauxhawk

42. Natural Fauxhawk

43. High Skin Fade with Textured Fauxhawk

44. Barbershop Fauxhawk

45. Fauxhawk with Tapered Sides

Difference Between A Fauxhawk and a Mohawk

person sitting by the sidewalk - Fauxhawk

The difference between a fauxhawk and a mohawk is quite significant. A fauxhawk is a more subtle version of the mohawk. The hair in the middle is styled to stand out, but the remaining hair is cut short. This style is not drastic at all and gives off a calm appearance, making it suitable for any occasion or situation. 

On the other hand, a mohawk features a single strip of hair in the middle, with the rest of the head entirely shaved. This style is more drastic and typically associated with a punk and rebellious look, making it less suitable for formal occasions.

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How Do You Style A Fauxhawk

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In this section, I will explain how to use strong product on damp hair in order to style a fauxhawk, with a detailed step-by-step guide. 

How to style a fauxhawk

  • The first step in styling a fauxhawk is to use strong product on damp hair. This helps to mold the hair into the desired shape. Make sure to coat your hair evenly with the product.

  • Next, start styling the top of your fauxhawk. Use your fingers to mold the hair from the ridges towards the center. This step helps to shape the top of the fauxhawk.

  • Once you have arranged the hair correctly, slide your fingers under the hair and lift it while guiding it towards the front. This step helps to create the signature height of a fauxhawk.

  • The final step in styling a fauxhawk is to choose the right product based on the hold you desire. You can use varying quantities of product depending on how strong you want the hold to be. For a glossy finish, pomade is recommended. This will help to add shine to your fauxhawk and keep it looking sleek. 

By following these steps, you can easily style a fauxhawk usinga strong product and achieve the desired look.

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Tips for Fauxhawk Styles

Fauxhawk hairstyles are gaining popularity among men who seek a contemporary and edgy look. To make a Fauxhawk style stand out, it is essential to have the right hair care routine. By incorporating these tips, individuals can ensure that their Fauxhawk maintains its shape and texture.

Opt for a high-quality styling product

A strong-hold gel or wax will help maintain the Fauxhawk's shape throughout the day. Ensure that the product is evenly distributed through the hair, focusing on the central section to create the distinctive Fauxhawk look.

Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner

Regular washing and conditioning will keep the hair healthy and ensure that the style remains fresh. It's recommended to use a mild shampoo that does not strip the hair of its natural oils, followed by a moisturizing conditioner to keep the hair soft and manageable.

Regular trimming and maintenance are crucial for a Fauxhawk style

Visit a professional stylist every few weeks to keep the sides and back of the hair short while maintaining the length on top. This upkeep will prevent the style from losing its shape and looking untidy.

By following these tips, individuals can rock a stylish Fauxhawk look with confidence and flair.

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