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65 Hottest Mens Medium Length Hairstyles In 2024

April 17th, 2024

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Are you looking for fresh ideas for Men's Medium Length Hairstyles? From low fade to textured crops, this blog post will help you navigate the latest trends and find your next on-point hairstyle. Whether you’re into classic looks or modern fashion-forward styles, you’ll find inspiration here. Learn how to manage and style your hair like a pro. Stay ahead with stylish haircuts that work with your natural hair texture. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular men’s medium hairstyles right now.

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Are Medium Length Hair In Style For Men In 2024

man on a bridge - Mens Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hair for men continues to be in style in 2024. Men's medium length hairstyles have always been a popular fashion choice for men as they are versatile. Men can go for various haircuts in medium length that suit their face shape. Medium length hair looks unique, trendy, and stylish on men. In 2024, medium length hair for men continues to be a strong trend, with many opting for this versatile and fashionable look.

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65 Hottest Mens Medium Length Hairstyles In 2024

person leaning on a wall - Mens Medium Length Hairstyles

1. Classic French Crop

2. Blowout With Tapered Sides

3. Medium Cut With Wavy Hair

4. Long Comb Over

5. Pompadour

6. Undercut With Medium Length Hair 

7. Blunt Cut For Medium Hair

8. Messy Waves Medium Length

9. Slick Back Medium Hairstyle

10. Shaggy Top

11. Textured Medium Cut

12. Mullet 

Mullets are making a comeback for men’s medium hairstyles. The modern mullet is characterized by volume on top, a taper fade on the side, and added length in the back.

13. Mid Fade Medium Length Hair

14. Faux Hawk for Medium Hair

A faux hawk is a fun and edgy hairstyle for men with medium-length hair. This style involves slicking back the sides and creating a faux hawk with the hair on top.

15. Slicked Back Undercut

16. Quiff Medium Length Hair

17. Side Part for Medium Hair

18. Tousled Medium Length Hairstyle

19. Choppy Layers

20. Tousled Side Part

21. Skin Fade With Medium Length Hair

22. Man Bun With Medium Length Hair 

23. Modern Pageboy 

24. Wavy Comb Over

25. Spiky Medium Length Hairstyle

26. Surfer Hair 

27. Long Bangs Medium Length Hair

28. Voluminous Medium Length Hair

29. Side Part with Bangs

30. Afro for Medium Hair

31. Medium Length Hair with Highlights

32. Textured Crop

33. Bowl Cut for Medium Hair

34. Wavy Undercut

35. Layered Medium Length Hair

36. Middle Part for Medium Hair 

37. Slicked Back Quiff

38. Mid Length Shag

39. Flipped Ends Medium Hair

40. Feathered Hair Medium Length

41. Gelled Waves

42. Dreadlocks for Medium Hair

43. Curly Side Part

44. Geometric Cut for Medium Length Hair

45. Modern Pompadour

46. Middle Part Bangs

47. Medium Length Hair with Twists

48. Brushed Back Hair

49. Tousled Taper Fade

50. Curly Medium Length Hair

51. Medium Hair with Side Swept Bangs

52. Layered and Feathered Hair

53. Medium Length Hair with Curly Ends

54. Medium Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

55. Medium Length Hair with French Braids

56. Mohawk for Medium Hair

57. Medium Hair with Top Knot

58. Textured Curls Medium Length

59. Medium Hair with Slicked Back Top

60. Medium Hair with Messy Bangs

61. Medium Hair with Tapered Sides

62. Medium Hair with Angled Layers

63. Medium Hair with Curly Middle Part

64. Medium Hair with Tousled Top

65. Medium Hair with Side Part and Slicked Back Sides

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How To Grow Out Medium Length Hair Fast For Men

man with shades on a street - Mens Medium Length Hairstyles

Regular trims, every two to three months, will help you grow out your hair while keeping it healthy and strong. Ask your barber to keep the top of your hair longer and to trim the sides and back. This will give your hair a more balanced and appealing look as it grows.

Be sure to add a good quality conditioner to your hair care routine

Longer hair can dry out more easily, leading to split ends and breakage. A nourishing conditioner for men will help lock in moisture and keep your hair looking smooth and soft. Conditioning your hair regularly will also help to prevent tangles and make styling easier.

Prepare yourself for the awkward phase of hair growth

As your hair gets longer, you may go through a period where you're not quite sure how to style it, and it may not look its best. This phase is normal and temporary, so resist the urge to chop off your hair. Embrace the process and experiment with different styles and products to find what works best for you.

How Do Men Keep Medium Length Hair Out of Their Face?

person in a photoshoot - Mens Medium Length Hairstyles

Hair Accessories

Use headbands or hair clips to keep hair away from your face. Headbands are stylish and effective in keeping hair out of your face while also adding a fashionable touch.

Hair Product

Apply styling products such as wax, pomade, or gel to style your hair away from your face. These products offer hold and control, making it easier to keep hair in place all day.

Hair Ties or Hairbands

Tie your hair back into a bun, ponytail, or half-up style using hair ties or hairbands. This method keeps your hair neatly gathered and stops it from falling onto your face.

Slicked-Back Styles

Use a comb and styling product to slick your hair back and create a sleek look. This style keeps your hair off your forehead and away from your face.

Blow Drying

Use a blow dryer to blow your hair away from your face while styling. This can help set your hair in place and prevent it from falling forward.

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